Resolving society’s ills

We could and should be teaching psychological and motivational skills far more widely. We now have the tools and knowledge to enable everyone to enjoy a happy, satisfying, successful and fulfilling life.

An individual’s history and circumstances need no longer be seen as the key determining factor for their well-being and success in life. Giving people life skills that focus on resilience, power, effectiveness and dealing with challenges in relating to others and relationships, enables us to free ourselves from any constraints of the past, deal effectively with our current circumstances, change those circumstances if we want to and create a successful life.

TV soaps, while exaggerating real life, reflect a lack of resilience and relationship skills in our society.  The prevalence of stress, weight problems, psychological issues and ill health are all indicators of a need for more resilience and effectiveness skills.

The government and education authorities could act to make those skills available in schools and to the population at large. Savings in the health service, welfare benefits and justice systems alone would far outweigh the costs. The economic benefits would dwarf those costs. Join me on my free ‘Positive Mind Training’ webinar at and see for yourself

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