Let us give you an amazing life, then earn major rewards helping us to create a billion amazing lives

Change a Billion Minds is a 'not for profit' initiative organised as a Community Interest Company, that aims to improve the world and the lives of everyone in it. We want to create a billion amazing lives, then significantly reduce poverty, homelessness, conflict, oppression and mental health issues. And make a significant contribution to environmental issues. We want to make the world a better place.

How? By giving 1 billion people, worldwide, the ‘mindset’ needed to create an amazing life for themselves and then, if they wish, help to bring about these changes.

At the heart of our project is a web-based, life-changing training called Positive Mind Training, an established online training that develops powerful mindsets, along with exceptional resilience, high achievement and enhanced relationships. It creates amazing lives and transforms organisations.

The training is included to anyone who chooses to contribute to our community interest projects and other charities of choice and become a supporter of our mission. 

By bringing Positive Mind Training to 1 billion people, we'll not just have created 1 billion amazing lives; we'll have created 1 billion powerful mindsets. These mindsets, when applied to the jobs, organisations and everyday lives of their hosts, will have the power to bring about a better world for everybody.

Can such an ambitious target be achieved? It can, by harnessing the power of every community member of Positive Mind Training to create an exponentially growing group of highly motivated ambassadors for the project. 

All the net profit from Change a Billion Minds is used to fund a variety of community projects designed to further our goals.