Our Community Projects

Our ‘community projects’ are for any supporting member who have completed the traning  (and our project team) to initiate, lead or participate in. These projects differ from the excellent work being carried out by other organisations in that our projects all involve gifting ‘Positive Mind Training’ to those in need.

One example is our approach to eliminating homelessness:

  • Persuade homeless people to attend our life-changing ‘Positive Mind Training’ webinars or seminars, free at locations we provide and fund.
  • Following the training, ensure limiting beliefs and behaviours, including any drug and alcohol dependencies, are resolved …. and mindsets changed and empowered.
  • Support them into work and, initially, into shared private accommodation and later, into creating partnerships, families and their own accommodation.
  • Invite them to join as supporters of change a billion minds, to help others and to earn an income
  • Work with existing ‘homeless charities’