Our 5 Year Goals

  1. Train one billion in ‘Positive Mind Training’ – free to you see Note 1 below
  1. A major reduction in poverty, homelessness, conflict, oppression, and mental health issues and a significant contribution to resolving environmental issues see Note 3 below
  1. Change individual, organisation and government goals to include a significant element of ‘contribution and co-operation’, alongside self-interest see Note 3 below
  1. Take the training into schools and prisons See Note 2 below

Notes: goal achievement measured by:

  1. audited project system measures
  2. independent surveys
  3. the published opinion of governments, the UN and other agencies

We recognise our goals are challenging, but we have a motto:

‘Where there’s a will, and a purpose worth achieving, anything’s possible’

Community projects will be established, by the project team and some trainees, to achieve these goals

‘Change a Billion Minds’ and our related organisations, are all non-profit, i.e. all net income will go to funding promotors, our community projects, and charities able to support those projects 

There are many organisations already doing excellent work to reduce hardship. Our aim is to support and work with those organisations, primarily by providing our free life-changing training, in addition to funding our own community projects

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